Mountain View’s Fine Arts committee is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a project grant by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Artists & Education grant stream. This grant enables our school to bring in a resident artist to engage our students meaningfully in artist expression. They are even more pleased to announce that our artist will be musician and storyteller, Jeff Stockton. Every student will have multiple opportunities to experience oral story-telling through the live performances of resident storyteller Jeff Stockton. Storytelling looks as though it is a one-way presentation format – however it is a dynamic interaction between teller and audience in which the teller and the listener co-create and bring the story to life together. Jeff’s performances are highly interactive, and are accompanied on the strings of the Celtic harp. The performances happen in a blend of large audience and intimate class by class settings. (Content from Jeff Stockton Residency program document). Thank you Fine Arts committe (Ms. Mawji, Mr. Doucette, Ms. Stahl, and Ms. Hazzard) for all of your hard work in obtaining this program and thank you to the AFA for this beautiful opportunity!