At Almadina we have developed a strong language across the curriculum approach. Teachers are both language acquisition facilitators as well as subject and/or grade level specialists. ALCA is also an associate member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA).

We are currently conducting anticipatory staffing in the event there are leaves or unexpected enrolment increases throughout the school year. We welcome complete application packages from Alberta Certificated teachers for the upcoming school year. Application packages should include a cover letter indicating the opportunity of interest, a resume and 3 professional references. The package should also include a copy of your Alberta teaching certificate and a criminal record check. Please refer to the appropriate tab below for more details.

Submit complete application packages for consideration to Ms. Denise Bartling, Executive Secretary at

A Youth Development Counselor (YDC FTE 1) is required for a full-time position at the Ogden middle school starting August 24th, 2017

A Youth Development Counselor (YDC FTE 0.5) is required for a half-time position at the Mountain View elementary school starting August 24, 2017.

The role of the ALCA YDC is varied, ranging from general support for the work of all students and staff members to particular contributions in the areas of program development and campus activities.  As well, the main focus of the YDC position will be to work with students at risk in terms of their behavior, performance and readiness to learn.


  1. Student Data Management
    1. Establishes files for students at risk, as recommended by administration, with regard to behavior, performance and learning difficulties.
    2. Maintaining anecdotal notes as a part of student files.
    3. In consultation with administration, communicating regularly and as needed with students, teachers, parents and other agencies concerned with students at risk.
    4. Making recommendations to teachers, parents and administration regarding the needs of students in this category.
    5. Establishing protocols, in consultation with administration, regarding procedures for meeting the needs of students at risk.
    6. Assessing resources and resource people to support work with students at risk, and acting as liaison with resource people such as direct by administration.
  1. Student Program Support
    1. Working within the school support team to develop and implement strategies to support students at risk in the areas of behavioral change, self-concept improvement, and social skill development.
    2. Support students at risk in the areas of behavioral change, self-concept improvement, and social skill development.
    3. Ensuring feedback and follow-up of implemented student support plan are relayed to team members.
    4. Working with the school support team to integrate the Character Education and/or Leadership programs distinctive of Almadina into work with students at risk.
  1. Professional Responsibilities
    1. A key member of the Almadina Student Services team which consists of: inclusion coordinator, inclusion teacher, and E.L.L. Coordinator and Educational Technologist
    2. A key member within the school support team that may consist of: school administration; inclusion support teacher; teaching staff; families.
  1. Other related duties as assigned.


  • Diploma or Degree in Child and Youth Care Counseling preferred; Human Services background with counseling skills an asset
  • Work experience within a school environment preferred;
  • Experience with diverse cultures and cultural competency
  • The ability to work independently and take initiative;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with students, parents and staff;
  • Ability to see the potential of each student and believe that positive change is possible;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Proficiency with current technology for performance of duties;

Closing date for these positions is: June 27th, 2017


While all applicants are thanked for their interest, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.  

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