Mr. Glenn McClure (Superintendent)

Glenn McClure is a native of Caledon, Ontario relocating, with his family, to Alberta in 1981. Glenn has been involved in education for most his career. He has taught from Grades K to 12 in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Glenn has been in both school-based and district administration for sixteen years as Vice Principal, Principal and District Operations Manager for student records in Rocky View Schools. Glenn holds an Honours BA in History and Political Science from York University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario. He has attained a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary where he was named to the Dean’s Honour List. Glenn has also completed his certification in Conflict Resolution from Mount Royal University and is a qualified mediator.

Recently, Glenn has worked at both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University as an academic advisor and sessional instructor for students in the B.Ed. program.

As an educational leader, Glenn strongly believes that each member of a school community has their own unique gifts and abilities. It is the educational leader’s mission to find out what these are, to explore them, to develop them and to celebrate them. To cope with our often challenging and ever-changing world, we must enhance our ability to constantly re-evaluate and, if necessary, change our views. We must continue to develop new skills and to embrace new attitudes. In short, we must never stop building our capacity as lifelong learners. All stakeholders in an educational community, must be encouraged to become actively engaged in taking ownership of their learning and to always put children first.

Glenn is very excited to join the Almadina Language Charter Academy and looks forward to working with students, parents, school staff and the ALCA Board of Directors. Almadina’s vision is to become “Canada’s best K to 9 school for students whose second or third language at home is English”. This must be a “team effort” that involves a dedicated Board and highly supportive parent population in partnership with a talented, caring and professional school staff. As Jim Collins writes, in his best-selling book Good to Great (2001): “When you have disciplined people, you do not need a hierarchy. When you have disciplined thought, you do not need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action, you don’t need excessive controls. When you combine a culture of discipline with the ethic of [educational excellence], you get the magical [element] of great performance.” One can see that this dedication exists at Almadina.

Mr. Haytham Ghouriri (Board Chair)

­Originally from Palestine, Haytham Ghouriri moved to Calgary in 1996 from Syria. Mr. Ghouriri and his wife have three beautiful children who attend Almadina Language Charter Academy. As an entrepreneur with a collection of diplomas from Business, Construction Project Management and lastly, Business Administration from the Devry Institute of Technology, Mr. Ghouriri has currently owned and operated a Construction/Transportation Business over the past three years. In the past, he has held various management positions with supply chain companies.

­Mr. Ghouriri was initially elected to Almadina Language Charter Academy’s Board of Directors in 2011 and thoroughly enjoys his continued work as a board member. Currently, Mr. Ghouriri remains heavily involved in community and charity work.

Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2011
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Sohail Sherwani (Board Vice-Chair, IT-AdHoc Committee, International Languages-AdHoc Committee)

­Business executive, community activist, and father, Sohail Sherwani is relentless in his efforts to improve the lives of those around him. He earned his Master degree in Economics, MBA and a Diploma in Business Purchasing.
He is committed to democracy and believes in building a caring community through open teamwork that allows people to feel a worthy investment in public education. Also he believe that living with and accepting different cultures helps us understand each other and eliminates hatred and violence, moreover deconstructing stigma. Respecting and understanding new and different perspectives can lead to many great outcomes, including racial and ethnic harmony, which simply means that people from different backgrounds get along well together.

­He is interested in developing modern approaches to social justice, economic development, education, and the environment. Furthermore, he plans to strengthen his relationship with the people from all walks of life and culture by building an exceptional network with other for the benefit of Canada collectively.

Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2011
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Issa Mosa (Director, International Languages-AdHoc Committee, Policy-AdHoc Committee)

­Born in Southern Kurdistan, Iraq, Mr. Issa Mosa has resided in Canada since 1993. As a former student from various institutions such as the Alberta Vocational College, Mount Royal College and the University of Calgary, Mr. Mosa is a dedicated lifelong learner. His studies have ranged from Education in Duhok, Iraq in 1983 to a completed 4 year study of Law at Musol University.

Since 1998, Mr. Mosa has worked as a Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta and more recently, in 2008, as a Notary Public in the Province of Alberta to serve the Middle East and World Wide Immigrants in the city of Calgary. As an avid contributor to the community at large, Mr. Mosa devoted 2 years as a volunteer with the United Nations (UN) at a Turkey refugee camp and 1 year working with the Canadian Red Cross in Calgary. For over 19 years, he volunteered in Calgary’s Arabic and Kurdish Communities and was a society founder and board member of CKA in Calgary in 2000 and KACIS in 2007. An active advocator for Immigrant issues, Mr. Mosa is known to have attended most political, social and economic conferences and/or meetings in Canada. He has been involved in most CIC educational researches in Alberta, namely the Kurdish Analysis Research completed by 2000 Planet in Calgary 1995.

Mr. Mosa has been employed at CMCN and the recently named Centre for Newcomers as NSS-ISP Team Lead since1996. He joined KNC 2000 and been a board member since 2008 and Vice President from 2010 – 2012. He was re-elected as a board member in the 2012 KNC election in Washington, DC on May 13th, 2012 and now the KNC Treasurer in Canada.

Since 1996, Mr. Mosa has been an active member of the Almadina School Society serving as a Board Member in 1999, Vice Chairman in 2002 – 2006, and was recently re-elected in 2011 as the Chair of both the International Languages and Policy Committees.

Board of Director:  1999, 2002-2006
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2011
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Mohamad El Jabali (Director, Transportation Committee, Policy-AdHoc Committee)

­In his 6 years serving as a Board member in the Almadina Language Charter Academy Board of Directors, Mr. Mohamad El Jabali has assumed various roles, including a 2 year term as the Chairman. Currently, Mr. El Jabali works as a Calgary city Realtor and holds a Business Administration Diploma.

Statement from Mohamad El Jabali:
­I envision that Almadina will become a number one school as we work towards increasing the student enrollment cap as well as plan for a future high school for our students.

Board of Director:  2004-2010
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2011
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Mohamed Salih (Director, IT-AdHoc Committee, Facilities Committee)

­With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Winnipeg, Mohamed Salih has more than 6 years of work experience in the Oil and Gas sector as a Laboratory Analyst. As a firm believer in volunteerism and dedicated supporter of non-profit organizations, Mr. Salih has served a 4 year term as Executive Director of Sudan Human Rights Association in Uganda, 2 years as a Board member with the Alberta Global Council for Cooperation in Edmonton, and lastly 3 years as President of the Altamas for Peace and Development Association in Calgary.

­Mr. Salih joined the Almadina Language Charter Academy Board of Directors in December 2012 and currently leads the Facility and Relocation Committee.

Statement from Mohamed Salih:
­I am committed to working as a team with my colleagues to make Almadina Language Charter Academy an excellent place for students to learn with the priority of sustaining student performance and long-term facility planning and equipment.

Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2011
Re-Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Samir Jalloul (Director, Finance Committee, Transportation Committee)

­Samir Jalloul is originally from Zahle, Lebanon. He moved to Canada in 1986 as student who had a scholarship from the Hariri Foundations. Mr. Jalloul had a business Diploma from Assiniboin Community College, Brandon, MB. Mr.  Jalloul was involved in retail business who had worked for Walmart Canada as a Manager for almost ten years. As a Self-Employed who owned and managed a contracting company for the family and he also drive for Associated Cabs in Calgary, AB. Mr. Jalloul has been elected as a board member once before in 2011, he also was involved in a parents  school council at Almadina Society. He was elected again this term as a board Director and he is involved in transportation committee.

My Vision: As a parent for two children who are attending Almadina School would like to see a bright future for our children fulfill of courage, trust , and excellence. As a team working together , we can build and make success by unity and good communications. As we all know that Almadina has been always succeeded , and we will make sure to keep and maintain that success for the future.

Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014

Mr. Abdal Aziz Houmsi (Director, Finance Committee, Facilities Committee)

I came to Canada in 2004 from Lebanon. I am married and have 3 beautiful girls. I studied as an electrician for 6 years in Lebanon while working. I finished my apprenticeship in Canada for 4 years and received my electrical licence. I became a member as a board member at Almadina in 2014/15.

I am dedicated to the school to make sure our students get the best of the best. We are striving to keep our students in the same environment till they reach university.

Elected to Board of Directors:  November 2014