Mr. Haytham Ghouriri


As Board Chair; on behalf of my fellow Directors, I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of our community members, Superintendent, Principals, Vice Principals, teachers, support staff, parents and students.

We have a great school system that has had continuous sustained success. We have great schools that focus on character building and citizenship. These skills will help Almadina students become productive, contributing members of the larger society.

This year our board has worked very hard to form partnerships with the new government. We have met with our MLA’s, our Minister of Human Services Irfan Sabir, the Minister of Finance Joe Ceci and the Minister of Education David Eggen. Our message to all of our political partners has been please give us a third school campus and please grant us a high school. We believe our talks will result in a positive outcome. We remain very hopeful that we will receive a third school and we will get a high school in the very near future.

We also focused this year on improving school security. We have increased our cameras on each campus and also reviewed and increased lighting. This will help keep our precious children safe.

Recently we decided to provide school supplies for the students attending Almadina. Next year; pens, pencils, scribblers and duo tangs will be supplied by the schools. We want all students to have the same opportunities regardless of the families’ financial circumstances.

I want to wish the entire Almadina family a safe and restful summer.

Haytham Ghouriri

Board Chair