Read and Write. Reach the Height

In 1996, the ALCA school logo was proudly created through collaborative efforts with parents and other members of our learning community. The Triangle symbolizes the need for stakeholders to work towards helping students reach their full potential regardless of community origin, previous schooling or home. The Maple Leaf represents Canadian Society with its ideal of diversity in shared values. The book represents not only school discipline and the Alberta Programs of Study, but also the need to make learning a central objective in a student’s life. Green is the chosen colour because it is the symbol of renewal within the context of the Alberta learning community, school campus and home environment.

At each campus, the motto is implemented by every homeroom teacher with daily time (10 to 15 minutes) each set aside for uninterrupted student reading and writing. Students are given appropriate and differentiated ability level activities during the daily reading and writing times. These activities are part of the Language Arts Program. The reading and writing activities based on the motto may vary each year at each campus.

Reach the Reading Height

Teachers in the primary grades send home leveled reading materials for the reading component of the Language Arts Program. Each student is tested with the San Diego Quick Word Assessment, the Woodcock Munoz, DRA and Gates MacGinitie. As a result of these assessments, an appropriate passage reading will be administered to determine students’ “Independent”, “Instructional”, or “Frustration” levels. There may be three different ability reading levels/groups established in each class. A guided reading lesson is provided to one group while other groups read material at their independent reading level. Students continue in these instructional groups until DRA re-testing is completed in February, at which time there may be some regrouping.

Based on the results from the Provincial Achievement Tests, we may incorporate the weaker skills into guided reading lessons. Specialized Kits have been developed which are signed out from the library. These are made up of materials that cater to the different grade/instructional reading levels.

Reach the Writing Height

The Language Arts writing program will consist of all of the following:

  •  Independent Writing – Students work independently with little or no support.
  •  Shared Writing – Teacher works with an entire group and provides a great deal of support.
  • Guided Writing (teacher-directed)
    •  Teacher selects the topic and scaffolds learning.
    •  May be carried out in small groups.
    • Focuses on a particular aspect of writing.

The writing groups are the same as the reading groups because they are closely inter-related. Various text types described in the “Momentum Series Guide” and the handouts on “Inter-linking Criteria: A Point of Reference for Text/Genre” are used during the year in the writing program.