On Wednesday, February 7th Ms. Hutchinson’s class enjoyed a field trip to Fort Calgary. They explored the lives of four groups of people who made significant contributions to Alberta today; First Nations, settlers, Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and missionaries. They examined luggage to determine which group would have carried the artifacts contained in each suitcase or bag. They tried to make inferences about the lives of the people who carried the different items. For example, they learned that if a person had a book or a letter in their luggage, this was evidence that that individual could read and write, and therefore, was educated.

After a tour of Fort Calgary’s grounds, including Captain Deane’s house, they headed back into the Fort for RNWMP training and to explore the lives of Albertan settlers. Students learned different RNWMP drills and captured a suspected criminal. They also dressed in traditional clothing to discover how each person contributed to building Calgary.

The students could not stop talking about their fantastic day. One student said this was one of their favourite days ever (Haris)!

Thank you to our parent volunteers for supporting our trip! We could not have done it without you!

(Mr. Goodman and Mr. Zaidi’s classes will be attending the Fort Calgary field trip in March. Their trip was postponed due to low attendance on the day of their field trip).