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Monthly Archives: January 2017


Principal’s Message – January 2017

Communication is key! Dear parents, You have just received interim report cards. At this point, you should be contacting your child’s teacher to follow up with concerns. This will provide you with the time necessary to support your child and make an impact for the second formal report card. You can communicate with your child’s

Grade 3: Technology Integration/Formative Assessment

Students in grade 3 participated in a Kahoot Quiz! The quiz questions are devised and input by the teacher. Then each student just needs a device and they can play the quiz on the smartboard. They see the question and a choice of answers. Afterwards, they gain points and go on to a leaderboard.

Mrs. Mahmood’s Urdu Class

"All About Me" a fun activity to expand ECS and grade one students' vocabulary. "I am Proud of..." grade 2 students share their extracurricular interests through our class's show and tell presentations. "Eid Celebration" grade 3 students celebrated the festivities of Eid through an arts and crafts project. "Crafty Class Rules"

Rube Goldberg with Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Lee's class is pleased to share our Rube Goldberg inventions for our Simple Machines unit. The students had to create an "invention" that either popped a balloon or delivered a pencil. Their machine had to have at least 3 simple machines in it. Students had a great time building elaborate Rube Goldberg machines to

Ogden’s Skiing and Snowboarding Days

Ogden students went skiing or snowboarding to Canada Olympic Park (C.O.P.) from January 19 - 24th. They had a fantastic time and were lucky to have beautiful weather and snow. Thank you to all of our staff for taking our students to the slopes! We hope they continue these fantastic Canadian activities.